Past, Present, and Future Courses


CSC 127, Introduction to Using a Unix Computer System
CSC 175, Problem Solving and Programming I
CSC 275, Problem Solving and Programming II
CSC 277, Introduction to Computer Organization and Assembly Languages
CSC 286, Language Laboratory: Javascript
CIS 335, CIS 335 Telecommunication and Computer Networks
CSC 335, Computer Networks I
CSC 336, Computer Networks II
CSC 365, Computer Architecture
CIS 375, File, Data, and Object Structures
CSC/CIS 375, Data Structures and Algorithms
CSC 377, Operating Systems
CSC 387, Unix System Administration
CSC 535, Advanced Computer Networking
CSC 544, Advanced Simulation and Modeling
CSC 575, Algorithm and Complexity Analysis
CSC 577, Advanced Distributed Systems
CSC 478/578, Parallel Processing or
Study of Parallel Computation
CSC 392/592, Advanced Topics in Computer Science Using Robotics